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Makluman: TuneGroup menjadi penaja utama referee EPL musim ini.

Salam sejahtera semua,

Mudah2an kita semua berada dalam rahmat Nya~ Amin..

Di sini saya nak maklumkan,
Tune Group yang mengandungi TuneMoney, TuneHotel dan TuneTalk telah menaja pakaian dan kad untuk referee English Premier League untuk musim 2010/11 kali ini.

Mike Riley shakes hands on the new deal with Mark Lankester of Tune Group

Referees in Tune for the new season

This season Premier League referees will wear the logo of Tune Group following a new sponsorship deal.

Tune Group, the lifestyle and entertainment brand, has signed a seven-figure deal to become the new Principal Partner for Professional Games Match Officials (PGMO) for three seasons beginning from 2010/11.
PGMO is the body responsible for providing and managing all professional match officials in English football and uniquely works with all three major English governing bodies - The Premier League, The FA and The Football League.

Tune Group is the parent company of PGMO's previous Principal Partner, AirAsia. The Malaysian-based business is also responsible for a number of other major brands including: AirAsia X, the world's first low-cost, long-haul carrier; Formula 1 team Lotus Racing; the ASEAN Basketball League; and Tune Hotels, the limited service hotel chain that provides '5-star beds at 1-star prices' - Tune Hotels will shortly be opening up their first European hotel in London.

Significant investment
Mike Riley, general manager of PGMO, said: "We are very pleased to be working with Tune Group and are of course very familiar with them already thanks to our previous successful partnership with AirAsia. That relationship resulted in significant investment in the training and development of officials at all levels of the game.
"Over the last year that has diversely manifested itself in a seven per cent increase in referee recruitment at grassroots level through to Howard Webb becoming the first referee to officiate the UEFA Champions League and World Cup Final in the same season. I'm very positive that our new relationship with Tune Group will further help the development of refereeing in this country and throughout the world."
Tune Hotels Group CEO, Mark Lankester, who represented Tune Group, said: "We have seen how AirAsia and AirAsia X benefited from this sponsorship before by establishing its brand in such a mature, competitive market as the UK, and with Tune Hotels opening its first London property later this month, this sponsorship by Tune Group could not be more timely. Communicating to English football's three billion viewers globally presents the Tune Group of Companies a powerful global branding tool for us in enhancing our brand awareness, not only facilitating our regional expansions but most importantly connecting with our customers.
"Tune Hotels is specifically planning on 15 hotels in Greater London amongst its significant expansion plans in the Asia Pacific and India, while Tune Talk likewise has aggressive expansion plans in Southeast Asia to democratise mobile telecommunications and needless to say, all other Tune Group companies have significant plans outside of their traditional home markets and engaging in challenging the norms. This association by Tune Group with PGMO will translate firmly into a direct boost to our brand and positioning."

refereeing standards
The partnership gives Tune Group access to 2,000 professional football matches, with an estimated cumulative global TV audience in excess of three billion. The partnership delivers a range of designation and promotional rights, including shirt sleeve and training wear branding on all professional match referees, assistant referees and fourth officials, branding and accreditation on all publicity material, the PGMO and all governing body websites, as well as PGMO and refereeing inventory that offers extensive PR opportunities.
Formed in 2001 to improve refereeing standards, the PGMO group officiate across all the Premier League, Football League and FA Competitions. Former PGMO referee Mike Riley was recently appointed its General Manager and his team of managers and coaches are responsible for the training, development and mentoring of 77 referees and 225 assistant referees.
The most high profile officials are the 16 full-time professional PGMO Select Group Referees. There are two new Select Group officials in Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor - both have been promoted from the National Group. Departing the Select Group but remaining with PGMO are Alan Wiley and Steve Bennett, who have 30 years of top-flight refereeing between them. They are taking up the positions of Senior Referee coaches and will play a key role in developing the next generation of top-class referees.
The Select Group Referees are continually monitored at matches and attend fortnightly training days where their performance, technique and fitness is monitored. They are supported by a team of full-time sports scientists who deliver a tailored fitness and nutrition programme, sprint coaches who improve running techniques, sports psychologists, podiatrists and vision scientists who measure reaction times and peripheral vision and work with each official to improve their viewing angles and help them anticipate moving into the right area for the best view of the match action.

PGMO also plays an active role in developing refereeing standards across the world of football. Currently PGMO has a knowledge transfer programme that benefits entire confederations, such as the Asian Football Confederation who have a future referees project supported by PGMO, as well as individual football associations in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, who work in partnership with PGMO to improve the performance of their own officials.

Rujukan :,,12306~2113287,00.html

Promosi yang baik untuk program referal ToneExcel-TuneTalk kita.
Dengan cara-cara promosi seperti ini, saya dapati program ini semakin kukuh dan semakin meningkat secara mendadak, dan saya yakin dalam masa beberapa tahun akan datang  referal program ToneExcel ini akan menjadi tumpuan ramai dan tidak mustahil ia menjadi program affiliate no 1 di negara kita.

Kepada yang masih belum menyertainya lagi, jangan lepaskan peluang ini, sertai sekarang juga dengan dapatkan simkad dari kami terlebih dahulu.

So macam mana? xrugi bukan?
Sebelum ni anda topup, hanya dapat kredit topup,
kini, Dengan TuneTalk ToneExcel, bila anda topup, anda akan dapat semua ni PERCUMA!!

1. Kredit topup
2. Insurans kemalangan Etiqa bernilai RM100,000 (ni kalau amik insuran ni, bln2 kena bayar xkurang rm100)
3. Point (ala, macam kad Mesra Petronas tu..) yang boleh ditebus untuk tiket penerbangan AirAsia ke mana2
4, Jual simcard Tunetalk ToneExcel pada orang lain (jadikan tunetalk ni kegunaan 1 family), anda akan dapat komisyen setiap kali mereka topup! Kalau 10 tahun dorg topup, sepanjang itu lah anda akan dapat komisyen!


Pssstt: Tahukah anda, kini Handphone sudah jadi keperluan? semua akan guna kredit Handphone kan?

Salam Kejayaan dari eLQirani-Reload

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